Ashley Judd
Ellen Barken
Catherine Bell
Markie Post
Rebecca Demorne
Nikkie Cox
Sally Field
Crystal Benard
Julia Roberts
Rachael Ray
A precious couple of cuties for sure... friend
OK...OK...I guess I ought to post a few great lookin guys too just to be fair...Grrrrrrrrrr...
I've always has a thing for blonds but I could'nt
figure out how to get this one home...
These first two guys invented "COOL".
Paul Newman
Patrick Swazey
Sidney Portier
Rab...From J.A.G.
Tom Cruise
Doo...From F.L.A.'s a few miscellaneous favorites...
My "learning to use a computer" days...
Gerrie "The Keyboard" Miller
Lifetime friends Butch and Pat Mertz. They help to maintain a cold and desolate outpost called Maine.
Our first line of defense against the Canadians...
I never met this kid but she's got to be a hoot and a half...
A few Florida treasure hunting goodies...
Heather Locklear
Capt'n Kirk
Seeya !!!
"She wants me"
I wonder what would happen if you tweaked
his nose and went......"GRRRAAHHHHHH"!
A really good cyberfriend and master web-builder.
--- Pooter Pics ---
About 12 years ago I bought a tiny little lizard on sale at a local mall. Today, she weigh's about ten pounds and has become my very best friend. As gentle as a teddy bear, she only wishes to eat, sleep, and roam the backyard once a day. She's totally housebroken and if I forget to take her out on occasion, she'll get down from her heated file cabinet perch and scratch on the door.
Her favorite food is spinich, green onions, peas, broccolie, lettus, or just about any other kind of yummy vegitable.
The picture of the girl holding her is from a live "Oldies 108" remote radio show at a new car dealer where she was invited after winning a month long best pet contest. As one of two finalists, she beat out two pot bellied pigs to claim the #1 spot and get to go on the radio. Unfortunatly she didn't have much to say and tried to eat the microphone......
I want one.