I have been an American citizen now for better than 64 years and during those long long years, two "average American" traits have stood out more so than others...

(A).....We may appear to outsiders to be divided on every subject on Earth and we probably are but let me tell you something...Don't even think of threatening the United States Of America unless you wish to see 300 million people become of one mind-set within minutes...Ask Sadam and the Talliban.

(B).....We Americans are also human. All of Earth's people have a tendency to become complacent as time plods on. That goes double here in the USA because of our busy, diversified, and comparatively easy lifestyles.
It's been 8 years since 911 and for some time now I've been hearing negative comments from a select few over our involvement in the Middle East.

This page is here to remind you "complacent one's" of a few facts...

One.....Scroll back up and take a real long look at what once was The World Trade Center, the financial center of the world.
3000 people, most with families were working on the day of the attack. Apparently the terrorists had their timing wrong. An hour or two later and they would have killed 30,000. If just one of them had a vial of smallpox virus in their shirt pocket, you may have already experienced the end of humanity as we know it.

Two.....Never forget...The religious freaks that planned, supported, and carried out that attack have sworn to kill us "infidels" on a global scale...They have also stated "We wish to die serving Allah more than you wish to live".

Three.....I recently wrote a book on religious fanaticism and you can put it in the bank when I say there is no way in hell these criminally insane religious maniacs are going to alter their beliefs. That leaves us with just one unfortunate choice. Kill them... before they kill us.
We happen to be in that process as I speak and have been since 911. It's called "WAR".  A despicable phenomenon most humans are familiar with except those "complacent one's" with challenged memories that don't have bombs dropping on their front lawns and think it will all go away if we just look the other way.

Four.....The bottom line is... No matter what your beliefs are in respect to our involvement in the Middle East and elsewhere. No matter what your political, religious, or social leanings may be.  The fact is we have tens of thousands of troops overseas fighting to the death, 24 hours a day, each and every day. Just so you and I can continue to to be free, safe, and live the life style we each choose for ourselves. Sure, many have died horrible deaths way before their time and most likely many more will follow before it's all over. That's what war is all about isn't it?  Read "Up One Level" if your interested in obolishing wars forever.
In the mean time, if you have a policy problem with our government, while we are at war, discuss it IN PRIVATE with whomever you choose. That's one of your inalienable rights these kids are defending with their lives. In the interim, support our troops in any and every which way possible while they're fighting your war for you. That particularly applies to some of our partisan-oriented congressmen and senators. A few of which I could mention, should be immediately impeached for giving aid and comfort to the enemy...

Five.....Go back up and study the "after" picture once again and never forget...We didn't start this god damn war, but we're sure as hell going to finish it and you can put that in the bank as well. You've got a choice....finish it here, or finish it over there.

Not too long ago...She had to be home by 11:00...
Don't wanna piss this guy off...
September 11, 2001
We the people of The United States of America and countless others from countless other countries, owe our disabled veterans a lung and our first born at the very least. These soldiers, mostly kids, have given us our freedom, our liberty, and our peace in exchange for their arms, legs, minds, and lives. We owe them big time.
95% of you can afford a few bucks or a little of your time to donate to the DVA and enable them to assist and care for our disabled vets as they should be assisted and cared for. If anyone can help, it's the DVA.
Click on the banner below right now and give what you can. If you can, but don't, consider yourself something less than an American. And if war ever does come to our shores, may the first bomb fall on your front porch...GO THERE NOW!
And While Your At It!

I'm sure you've heard of this organization but how well do you  know what they do for our paralyzed American veterans? I must admit, I didn't know a damn thing until I visited their web site just a little while ago. Wow! Check it out, you'll be as impressed as I was.
I even got to write an E-Card to a GI overseas.

Again...These guys are all American Hero's and they all need and deserve our support. Look closely at the pictures and tell me you can't spring for another few bucks. Think about what they've given us. Not just a one time few dollar donation. They're donations are for life. Morning, noon, and night. Every day, and every year. You know anyone that deserves more support?

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