Doo's Fun Stuff:  You won't learn anything here but I guarantee you'll come away with a smile on your face. Warning! This page contains light guage "adult" material...A few suggestive cartoons and words.
Doo's DigiPics: We all have amassed at least 8 gazillion digipic's on our computers but what good are they if we don't share them with others? Here's a few of the Dooman's favorites including some pro-pics I had nothing to do with (unfortunately). I'm sure you'll recognize some of the Dooman's favorite celebs.
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Great Sounds:  A last ditch effort to educate our young in what great music is all about with examples of classic rock-n-roll songs and the best ever, slow dance tunes. They just don't seem to know or even care what they've been missing all their lives. You old farts know what I'm talking about don't you. Go there anyway and bring back some priceless memories.
Up One Level: Want to stay alive? Read "Up One Level". (See the bottom of this page or click above).
Click the picture and see more full size amazing illusions by Julian Beever. The Pavement Picasso.
The "Grand" Kids: The Dooman's rug rats and their rug rats...
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A realistic analysis of humanities religious insanity.
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